3 Dominating Content Marketing Trends That YOU need to know for your business!

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In working with our clients, time and time again we get the confirmation that having an effective content marketing strategy is a must.. Companies seeing the most success with their content marketing efforts usually allocate 40% of their annual marketing budget to content marketing alone, and plan on increasing their content marketing budget in the next 12 months according to a study conducted by the Content Marketing Institute.

In other words, Knowing exactly what types of content to invest in is key.

Check out a list below that we have seen here as the biggest trends that are dominating the industry and what the industry will trend towards for the year 2020:

1. Content Production Will Soar Even Higher
2. SEO Will Remain an Integral Part of Content Strategy
3. Social Media Will Become EVEN MORE Crucial

#1. Content Production Will Soar Ever Higher

Our research suggests that 90% of audiences prefer customized content to engage with brands; which is probably why 55% of companies currently leveraging content marketing plan on increasing their budget for the upcoming year, and some companies are bulking up NOW for the holiday season!

Consumers can identify quality content when they see it! Hence, brands need to spend more time and money than ever to make sure what they produce stands out.

The marketplace activity clearly indicates that video will continue to grow as a way to communicate your message, but what are some other options that companies  can use to promote their brand, product, or service?

Option A- Blogging

Option B-Surveys

Option C- Infographics

#2. SEO Will Remain an Integral Part of Content Strategy

In short, SEO is still a high priority for many companies, and will remain so throughout the near future. The Majority of marketing agencies conceded that all their internet traffic comes from search engines. Various brands of all shapes and sizes note the importance of ranking on page one, and are constantly adjusting their content strategies to integrate an SEO approach.

At the same time however, SEO can have a devastating effect on a website’s traffic and revenue if best practices aren’t observed. To make sure your website remains in Google’s favor, here are some sample approaches for SEO optimization:

Quality Links and Great Content

Featured Snippets

  • Paragraph Snippets
  • List Snippets
  • Table Snippets

SEO optimization is commanding the attention of companies that engage in the marketplace. In order for your content to perform well, and for your site to rank well overall, you need to make sure you’re paying to attention to the Google’s quality standards.

#3. Social Media Will Become More Crucial

There are currently over 3 billion active social media users;  A key statistic to which is why small-to-medium sized businesses and corporations should invest in having a social media presence. It is a straightforward concept in today’s marketplace:  If you are a business, your audience expects you to have some form of an online presence, be it a website or a social media page.

So, what types of social media content should you be aware of? Here are a few of these content marketing and social media trends:

  • Online Video Content
  • Influencer Marketing
  • User Generated Content


52% of small business owners post on social media on a daily basis!  The majority of social media users are on their phones several hours a day, so why not bring your content to them?

Here Is The Deal:

After considering the big content marketing trends, you may feel overwhelmed and ask yourself, “Where do I start?”

The competition has increased dramatically;  Writing good content just isn’t good enough anymore. It has to be

  • unique
  • targeted
  • creative

BUT- All of that takes time!

Of course, the internet is a crowded space to compete, but you can increase your brand awareness by simply paying attention to content trends and adjusting your strategy accordingly.

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