5 Ways Animated Videos Can Be Used For Business


Did you know Animated videos are the most powerful tool in your communication arsenal?

More and more companies and brands are using video and realize that it’s more interactive than direct mail and more engaging than print ad. A well-produced video can ensure you get the highest reach and the best return in pushing your brand and gain more clients

Let us help you explore various ways to implement video with your campaign! It can be leveraged to enhance a wide range of platforms and can accommodate nearly any budget. Our award-winning team can help you uncover more ways to use various types of animates videos than you can imagine, ensuring each video is incredibly effective and fully customizable to your goals and audience.

There are many ways to use video, and our production team knows the techniques to ensure your video excels no matter how you choose to use your video: Television, Website, Social media, Email Marketing, Events, and more!

5 Ways to Use Video:

  • Television –Sierra Productions can produce an engaging video ad that promotes your message in a 30-second commercial or promotional video infomercial to propel your brand to potential clients through TV.
  • Website – Lure more customers to your website and keep them there longer. By integrating video, such as product demonstrations, service overviews or customer testimonials, into your website, it becomes a fully interactive sales tool.
  • Email marketing –when video is used in email marketing, the click through rate increases substantially. Announcing a new service or product? Showcase it in action so your audience sees how it can benefit them, and drive sales!
  • Social media – Video and social media go hand in hand! All videos created for your business can be shared through YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vimeo, and other social sites to help you get the most bang for your buck!
  • Events –Get the best of every event you produce, from charity events to product launches, by sharing a highlight video with your customers!

Using animated videos,  you can easily connect with your clients and future customers through an emotional connection with help of visuals. Research has shown that animated videos succeed in delivering your message effectively. With the power to seize the attention of your audience, animated videos can increase your marketing and sales. Contact us today to get started on your project!