5 Ways to Use Video in Your Marketing


Did you know that in 2016, Video marketing is still and underutilized in the marketing industry? This is surprisingly unfortunate since our clients have noted time and time again that corporate videos offer some of the highest returns for marketing dollars

The Marketing has shifted to a more visual approach. With this asset, businesses are able to obtain value from their marketing efforts. Here are some reasons why you need to implement video marketing for your brand or business:


Search engines love video – and so should you! Implementing video with your marketing campaign provides more impact by optimizing your content and targets your audience.

Social Media

Social networking sites are saturated with video; video content has developed platforms like Facebook and Twitter, and entire networks – such as Vine, Snap chat, and Periscope.

Internet Consumers

Video can be used to showcase products and give online shoppers a better idea of what they’re buying AND it is especially valuable for businesses that sell technical products and services at higher end price points. The value of video is viewed in the highest regard in today’s Internet marketing landscape.

Regardless the size of your business, you need to recognize video is still largely underutilized and your business can gain a massive advantage over the competition by investing resources into video strategies in 2016.

3 Tips for Creating Stellar Video Content

Want to get started on your video? Brainstorming, creating, and distributing quality video content is the challenge, and that is where our award-winning team can help! Here are some tips that our team gives our client when creating concepts for their video content:

1. Develop a Style

2. Invest in Professional Video Production

3. Keep your approach “Customer-Focused”

Tap Into the Power of Corporate Video Marketing

Video is everywhere from search engines to YouTube and social networking platforms. If you want your brand’s marketing strategy to remain relevant, it’s imperative that you begin leveraging video alongside your other efforts. It’s becoming increasingly clear that video will play a significant role in content marketing in 2016 and beyond. Now is the time to start experimenting with it! Reach out to our award-winning team to get started on your video