How to create a great video for your small business

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So here is a common scenario that we see at our offices with clients:

A Great business, a great website, an incredible product, & a solid marketing strategy that is driving tons of traffic. So how do you increase revenue? Well, video is the answer!

Did you know that Internet Retailer reports that shopper who viewed a video on a product page are 144% more likely to add to cart. Another study also revealed that visitors who watch product videos are 85% more likely to buy an item. So, you can clearly see that videos for marketing are extremely beneficial.

There are 3 main types of marketing videos you can create for your business:

1.Product Demonstrations

Product demonstrations work pretty well since it provides proof that the product works and you can add a multitude of marketing tactics. So if you are looking for a low cost means of doing a video keep reading for some more options.

2. Infographic Videos

Now theseā€¦.these are awesome! We have done many info-graphic videos for our clients that display some cool facts & figures, for example. The Purpose of these types of videos are to present information in a creative way. Think about it: If you were given a spreadsheet of data about a product or service, it would not be as engaging as a video presentation. Likely, your audience will not read that information also. Although you can do it yourself with the right tools, it is best to hire a company like Sierra Productions to get the highest quality video possible. You will probably have to hire someone to do this kind of video for you.

3.Promotional Videos

Here is where the fun begins! You can do incredible promotional videos for your website or marketing campaigns. It is proven that the impact of promotional videos can drive traffic and present your band, business, or product in a contemporary way. From whiteboard animation, to motion design, you can implement any of these approaches that can drive impactful sales. Have a look at our portfolio for ideas or see how we have helped other companies.