About Us

Sierra Productions is a full service audio/video production house, and a cutting edge Digital Marketing & Media Buying Company. Our multimedia production company is dedicated to creating compelling, creative, informative and entertaining media programming for television, radio and online. We create advertising campaigns that turn pixels into profits for our clients. We create real results!


Sierra Productions has provided quality audio/video production services to clients all over the United States and abroad for more than 20 years. Our award-winning team embraces a productive and efficient process in the Media & Advertising industries driven with our unique approaches in producing content as well as creating contemporary and modern video concepts!

How We Do It

In the world of video marketing, its all about capturing your target audience! This is the most important aspect of the process where our award-winning team creates concepts that have helped companies and brands drive sales and gain new clients for their business, product, or service. Our strategies include combining solid content with new trends that enables maximum reach and increased conversions. Once you start to work with us, we will continue to strategize new video campaigns to help your brand remain relevant and drive sales!

Our Team

Our Team includes industry professionals that are some of the most talented individuals who are consistently engaged with our clients creating original concepts and great results. We harness our team's creative abilities and embrace new ideas to apply on numerous projects that our team members are consistently involved in.