Building your Business with LinkedIn

Building your business with LinkedIn

LinkedIn, the business-oriented social networking platform, is still being overlooked as a prime way to strategically grow your business. It’s time to change that.

No matter what your industry, LinkedIn can provide you an opportunity to connect with potential leads and other like-minded professionals. The average household income of a LinkedIn user tends to be higher than users on other social spaces, proving that those you connect with on LinkedIn ‘mean business.’

Would you like to begin optimizing the time you spend in this highly optimizable space? Here are some tips to get you going in the right direction.

1. Complete your profile

LinkedIn will prompt you for the information needed to fully flesh out your profile. Be strategic about the wording you use and ensure that you’re using the proper keywords for your industry. Use a professional headline, be thorough in job titles and descriptions of experience, and optimize your summary and interests. Be sure to upload a current headshot with a professional tone.

2. Connect, connect, connect.

Connect with professionals already in your arena, but consider also using LinkedIn like a live networking event. Introduce yourself to people, find connections that are linked to other users you’d like to get to know. Ask for introductions. Customize every LinkedIn connection request that you send. Join groups on LinkedIn that are part of your industry. Join in the conversation.

3. Become a Content Marketer by publishing articles

LinkedIn’s publishing platform gives you the ability to create unique content and to become a thought-leader and influencer in your industry. Create original and compelling content and share it with your networks.

LinkedIn is so powerful thanks to the professional connections that are at your fingertips. You won’t regret taking the time to make sure your presence is strong and professional. If you’d like some help, Sierra Productions, Inc. is here!


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