Split Testing Is As Easy As ABC

Split Testing Is As Easy As ABC

Have you ever heard of the concept of split testing? Sometimes it’s called “A/B testing. Either way, the idea is simple: you take two versions of a marketing element and test them both to see which one performs better. This powerful technique has been used for decades in traditional, offline marketing. In the virtual world, it’s even more effective — because it’s so easy and fast to see how your two options are working. And it can be as simple as ABC. Here’s how:

A great way to use A/B testing is for testing your headlines and titles. Did you know that most people, when following the news, don’t read past the headline? To find a blog title or email subject line or social media post that’ll always draw people in, you’ve got to test them. Tracking the variations post-publishing will give you indisputable evidence of which version is doing the best. That’s the one you use going forward.

Because Facebook ads are a relatively inexpensive form of advertising, you might be tempted to throw up ads haphazardly. But don’t do it. Don’t let even a single dollar go to waste. Facebook makes split testing your ads super easy, and you can really refine each test. Try creating two versions of the same ad — first with different headlines and then with different images. The resulting best performing ad will be a sure winner.

Creating trackable links is another way to do your A/B testing. This works on most social media platforms. Create a custom URL for each variation you’re trying out. With free services like Bit.ly, you can create a shortened link with a customized name so you know which version is getting the most clicks. Make it easy to tell which is which by adding “A” and “B” or something similar to the names. This makes it simple to determine which posts are the strongest.

The bottom line is that adding A/B testing does more than confirm your digital marketing decisions. It also gives you valuable insight into your audience’s mind — which benefits your offline marketing efforts, too!


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