Create a customer experience to lead in digital transformation

Create a customer experience to lead in digital transformation

You’ve likely heard the term digital transformation. Perhaps you hear it along with the phrase digital disruption. We often call the first to succeed with a big transformation in an industry, the disruptor. It may come from a small startup or from an idea developed at a large firm. Either way, each industry today is constantly disrupted and transformed thanks to our digital, globally connected world.

So what does that mean for you? How can you possibly keep up with or get ahead of the constant flux in your industry? How do you create your digital transformation game plan?

Start by understanding the emotions of your customers.

The business, Hostelworld, creates an experience for its customers through an app. Of the customers, about 50% of them use the app, which not only allows them to book a hostel but also provides them with offers nearby, special invitations and group tours during their trip.

T-Mobile made a lot of changes to provide a better customer experience as well. Nick Drake, senior vice president of digital, shared the company’s story at Adobe Summit 2017: “When you ask customers what they want,” he said, “and you give it to them, they love it.”

Can your business become a “customer-centric, experience-first digital company” by understanding the emotions of your customers? Part of T-Mobile’s transformation included partnering with Adobe Marketing Cloud to make a number of changes: redesigning its site, personalizing the online experience, and optimizing content in real time. Was it worth the investment? The company reported a 485% increase in conversion overall.

You are the expert on your customers. And they are the experts on what they want. So ask them! And give it to them! What steps could you take? Focus on setting goals that provide the experiences your customers are asking for. Partner with technology that can help deliver that experience.

Don’t let the constant flux of digital business create fear or set a mandate for you to change. You can lead the way by creating experiences for your customers that help them feel excited about your business and products and respond by purchasing and partnering. What can you do today to build an emotional connection to your brand?


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