Social media users expect quick responses

Social media users expect quick responses

Social media users have a reputation for being a bit on the impatient side. If you’re one yourself, that probably doesn’t come as a big surprise. Some pundits are already observing that when it comes to customer service, social media is becoming the preferred channel. But what about email? Isn’t that also a quick way to get help when your latest tech toy doesn’t work like you expected it would?

Or what about when the air conditioner chooses the Fourth of July weekend to wheeze out its last gasp of cool air? Would you first pick up the phone and dial, or would you start sending a string of frantic text messages to someone at Trane?

According to a recent survey, 42 percent of those using social media channels to lodge a complaint with a customer service department expect a reply to an email within an hour. One in four expect a response that same day. That’s why some pundits are anticipating social media channels will essentially become the new ‘telephone.’

It was only a matter of time before flocks of Twitterers took their complaints to companies via social media. And why shouldn’t they? The major social media channels provide a quick, convenient way to lodge a complaint. Most social media users now have mobile phones and texting plans are popular.

There are certainly advantages to using social media instead of a telephone. It’s handy to have the record of a chat with a company’s service representative at your fingertips. And many social media users prefer using a texting plan because those funny little abbreviations are quickly becoming the native language for millions of Millennials.

These trends are definitely something to keep in mind when putting together your SEO strategy!


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