Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Your Business

Why Digital Marketing Is Important for Your Business

According to Statista, as of April 2022, there were 5 billion internet users worldwide, which is 63 percent of the global population. Of this total, 4.56 billion are social media users. This statistic alone should be enough to persuade any business owner that a digital marketing strategy is essential.

As the world continues to become more digitized, businesses need to change their marketing strategies to match this new landscape. This means utilizing digital marketing techniques to reach a larger audience more effectively.

And no, we’re not saying that traditional marketing techniques are no longer effective. In fact, a good digital marketing strategy should include a mix of both digital and traditional marketing techniques.

But why is digital marketing so important for businesses? Let’s take a look at why we at Sierra Productions think digital marketing is essential for businesses in the modern world.

1. Affordability

Digital marketing is usually the first choice with businesses large or small due to its ability to reach a greater population at a much lower cost than other marketing methods. Small businesses without the budget to hire an agency can do things like Facebook and Instagram ads, TikTok ads, email marketing, and post boosting themselves. For more in-depth and targeted campaigns, hiring an agency to run social media ads, place tracking pixels on your website, manage search engine marketing (SEM) ads, remarketing ads, etc. is ideal. These marketing methods take an experienced team to manage and track for best results.

2. Tracking Data and Metrics

One of the advantages of digital marketing is that it’s incredibly easy to track data and metrics. You can see how many people are visiting your website, what pages they’re spending the most time on, where they’re coming from, which ads are performing the best on various social platforms, as well as what device they’re utilizing.

Tracking the data of your marketing efforts allows you to see what’s working and what isn’t so that you can adjust your strategies properly. Over 80% of internet users surf the web using their mobile devices, so crafting marketing strategies that are specifically tailored for mobile users is important.

3. Mobile Access

Speaking of mobile users, another advantage of digital marketing is that it gives people access to your business 24/7. In the past, if someone wanted to learn more about a business, they would have to wait until the business was open to call or visit in person.

With digital marketing, however, potential customers can find out everything they need to know about your business at any time of day or night within the palms of their hands. All they need is an internet connection and they can access your website, social media platforms, or even contact you directly through email or chatbots.

Did you know that up to 70% of website traffic comes from mobile devices? This means that if your website isn’t mobile-friendly or accessible, you’re missing out on a huge chunk of potential customers. Overall, making your business accessible via mobile devices places you at an advantage over businesses that don’t have a mobile presence.

4. Authority Within Your Industry

Digital marketing can also help establish your business as an authority within your industry. By regularly publishing high-quality content, you can position your company as a thought leader in your field. This will help you attract more organic traffic to your website and build trust with potential and current customers.

For example, one of Google’s top factors when deciding which websites to rank via search engine is the quantity and quality of content. This means that by regularly publishing blog posts, infographics, ebooks, and other types of content, you can improve your SEO and attract more traffic to your site.

5. Influencer Recognition & Engagement

Influencer recognition and engagement are other benefits of using digital marketing. An influencer is anyone who has the power to sway potential customers’ purchasing decisions. This could be a celebrity, a social media personality, or even a respected blog within your industry.

By utilizing digital marketing techniques such as social media monitoring, you can quickly identify relevant influencers. You can then engage and partner with them to promote your product or service. This is an incredibly effective way to reach a larger audience, improve brand awareness and increase sales.

6. Expansion Into New Markets

Digital marketing also allows you to easily expand into new markets. By utilizing SEO and other digital marketing techniques such as Google Analytics, you can reach new customers in different geographical areas who are interested in your product or service. For example, let’s say you’re a small business owner who runs a brick-and-mortar store. You could use SEO to improve your ranking in local search results and attract customers who live near your store.

But what if you want to expand your business and reach new markets? You could use Google Analytics to track website visitors from different geographical areas. Then, you could craft targeted marketing campaigns specifically for those new markets. Although it’s still possible to enter new markets and find potential customers without digital marketing, it can be a tad bit more difficult (and expensive) to do without it.

7. Flexibility and Versatility

Digital marketing is also incredibly flexible and versatile. With numerous digital marketing channels available, you can tailor your marketing efforts to fit your specific business goals.

For example, if you’re looking for a short-term marketing strategy, such as generating leads for a new product launch, you could focus on PPC or social media advertising. But if you’re looking for a long-term marketing strategy, such as building brand awareness or increasing organic traffic, you could focus on content marketing or SEO.

The best part about digital marketing is that it can be adapted to fit any budget or business size. Whether you’re a small business owner with a limited budget or a large corporation looking to reach a global audience, there’s a digital marketing channel that will suit your needs.

8. Segmentation & Personalization

Lastly, digital marketing can help you segment your target audience and personalize your marketing efforts. Segmentation is the process of dividing your target market into smaller groups based on shared characteristics. This could be things like age, gender, interests, or even location. Once you’ve segmented your target audience, you can then begin personalizing your marketing messages and content to appeal to each segment.

For example, if you’re selling children’s toys, you would segment your target audience by age. Then, you could personalize your marketing messages to appeal to each age group. This would be much more effective than sending the same generic message to everyone.

Digital Marketing – The New Way to Market Your Business

Trust me, we understand. You’re thinking, “Do I really need to go digital with my marketing? Can’t I just stick with the tried-and-true methods that have worked in the past?” Of course, you can. But if you want your business to stay relevant and keep up with the competition, digital marketing is no longer an option – it’s a must.

With over 5 billion people using the internet, your potential customers are online and reachable in an instant with a well-thought digital marketing strategy. Not to mention, most of your competitors are already taking advantage of this powerful tool. If you’re not using digital marketing to reach your target market, you’re missing out on some serious opportunities.

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