6 Tips to Grow Your Business’s Email List

6 Tips to Grow Your Business’s Email List

Building an email list is hard work, but the work isn’t done once you have a hefty list of followers. Over time, many of those followers will abandon their email addresses as they leave one job and start another, scrap an email address they were using to fill out forms, or simply opt out of your email communications.

Don’t take it personally. Inboxes are fuller than ever. It’s easy to understand why so many of us dump old email addresses or opt-out of emails that are crowding our inboxes.

But, it does mean you have to keep adding new email addresses to your email list.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be a pain to grow your business’s email list! With our tips, you can continue to grow your list and get leads with email marketing.

1.    Encourage Subscribers to Share Your Emails

One of the easiest ways to grow your email list is to encourage existing subscribers to share your emails with others. All it takes is adding an “Email to a Friend” button in each one of your messages. Just make sure you also add a “Subscribe” button so the friends receiving your forwarded email can subscribe to your list!

Adding social media links can encourage readers to share your content with their followers. Make it easier for them to share your content by providing infographics and images in your emails that are enticing and easy to post.

2.    Harness the Power of Social Media

While we’re on the topic of social media, there are many more ways to harness the power of these platforms!

A few of our favorite ideas include:

  • Host a free giveaway that requires contestants to provide their contact information
  • Make your email newsletter your profile cover on Facebook complete with a CTA button to sign up
  • Share pieces of your email newsletter on social media with a link to your sign-up page within the post
  • Use a video outro on YouTube to get viewers to sign up for your email newsletter
  • Add an email button to your Instagram business page

Don’t feel pressured to do all of these things at once. Start with one and slowly add the ones that work for you, scrapping the ones that don’t along the way.

3.    Segment Your Audience

Don’t go through all the trouble of building an email list that shrinks faster than it grows! Increase the chances of enlisting subscribers who stick around by providing each of your readers with messages that are relevant to them.

That means segmenting your audience.

You can segment your audience any way that works for you. For example, you might adjust the language in your emails based on age or gender. Lists that take past purchases into account can be a great way to upsell additional products or services, while emails that are segmented by topic ensure your followers only receive the type of content that interests them most.

Some other ways to segment your audience include:

  • In-store vs website visitors
  • Geography
  • Buyer personas
  • Education level
  • Buying frequency

4.    Offer Something For Free

Sometimes, you have to give something to get something. In this case, it means offering something for free in exchange for an email address.

For example, you might offer a free eBook on your website, but visitors have to provide their email addresses in order to download it. Free tools are a great way to collect new email addresses, as are bonus content, templates, training videos, and anything else you think your audience wants. Once you have their email address, you can start sending them your email newsletter too.

5.    Conduct A/B Testing

If you’re ready to bring out the big guns, create an A/B test.

This method involves creating different versions of the same sign-up forms you use on your website. It requires you to think like a scientist, only tweaking one feature of the form at a time so you can see how well it performs.

This method requires meticulous tracking of data and careful design, but you may discover that something as simple as where the sign-up form is placed on your website can drive more conversions.

6.    Take Your Strategy Offline

It makes sense that you would grow your email list online. After all, emails are sent online! Just don’t discount the power of collecting email addresses offline too.

Are you attending a tradeshow? Collect email signups in your booth.

Attending a conference? Or maybe you’re hosting a meetup or a seminar? These types of in-person events are great ways to collect email addresses!

You can incorporate QR codes into print advertising, and if you have a brick-and-mortar store, you can always gather email addresses at the register.

Get the Most Out of Your Email Newsletters

You can’t prevent your email list from shrinking, but you can slow the shrink so all that hard work you put into growing your list isn’t for nothing.

You just have to know how to get the most out of your email newsletters.

It all starts with unique, engaging content. If you provide content that’s valuable to your readers, they will look forward to receiving your emails, and they will be more likely to share your newsletter with others.

You also have to keep track of the data, which means knowing who opened your emails and how to target them, all while making sure your emails are Can-Spam compliant.

We can help with that!

At Sierra Productions, we are a data-driven, total market agency that has been providing marketing and advertising solutions for businesses for over 25 years. We can run a targeted email campaign for your business that has a guaranteed open rate of 10 percent. Then, we send a follow-up email to those who opened the initial send with a 2 percent guaranteed open rate.

We’re here to help you get the most out of your email campaign! Fill out our online form and tell us a little bit more about the goals you have for your email list, and we’ll start crafting an email strategy that works for your business.


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