Creative Marketing Ideas to Ring in the New Year

Creative Marketing Ideas to Ring in the New Year

We might be a little biased, but here at Sierra Productions, we think marketing strategies should always be top-of-mind—no matter how big or small or your business, what you sell, or what services you offer.

That means remaining consistent with your existing marketing strategies, but the New Year should come with a new marketing you too!

There are many ways to advertise and promote your business. Here are a few of our favorite creative marketing ideas to help you ring in 2023 with a brand-new marketing strategy.

Create a Jingle For a Radio Advertisement

Radio isn’t dead yet! It continues to be a great way to advertise your business because approximately 156 million adults in the United States still listen to the radio every day.

There are many messages you can craft for the radio, but if you really want to have fun with this idea, try creating a jingle!

It’s not as hard as you think. With free jingle software, you could come up with a jingle yourself. If music composition isn’t really your thing, you can hire us to do it for you.

Worried it’s going to sound cheesy? That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It’s all about getting the attention of radio listeners, and a catchy, old-fashioned, or unexpected jingle will definitely do the trick!

Send a Card in the Mail

We all love getting holiday cards in the mail from friends and family, but the holiday season is also a great time for businesses to strengthen ties to their customers and the community.

Instead of sending out flyers and ads in the mail this time of year, send New Year’s cards complete with a meaningful message that thanks customers for their business. Hand addressed envelopes and handwritten signatures are more personal than printed materials. Include a coupon or a discount code to show your thanks and encourage customers to engage with your brand after the first of the year.

Create a Billboard or a Street Display

It’s true that you can reach a huge audience with digital advertising, but it shouldn’t get all the attention. Traditional forms of out of home advertising still work too.

Create an advertisement for a billboard near your business. Print billboards are an option, as are digital billboards that can be changed quickly.

You don’t have to go big if you don’t want to! Get creative with ads on transit, like buses, or street furniture, like benches. If you want to do a little guerilla advertising, create flyers and post them all over town.

Post an End-of-Year Video

Video marketing is a big deal. Whether you post videos regularly or you’re ready to try it for the first time, you should create an end-of-the-year video that can be posted on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and your blog.

What do you put in an end-of-year video? Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Create a montage of facts, figures, and accomplishments from the previous year
  • Show the impact you’ve made in your community
  • Celebrate the people in your company by showing them in action
  • Read a thank you message aloud

Partner With Another Business or an Influencer

Reaching out to another business or an influencer can be a great way to ring in the New Year. Collaborate together on a project that you both can promote or join forces for a good cause.

If all that seems like it will take a little too much planning, you can keep things simple with a sponsored post. Create a social media post about your new partner, and they can create one about you, so you can both reach twice the audience.

The trick is to choose relationships that are as natural and organic as possible. Think about what types of brands your customers might like to get to know and build genuine connections with them. Not only will those connections pay off now, but they may also pay off again in the future.

Go Live on Facebook

It’s time to take your video-making game to the next level. If you’ve only ever uploaded videos to your social media profiles in the past, it’s time to give Facebook Live a chance, and the New Year is a great time to do it.

Not convinced?

Facebook live videos get three times more engagement than traditional videos. Users comment more on live videos, and they watch live videos longer than they do regular videos.

Your creativity can run wild when deciding what kind of live video to do. Give viewers a behind-the-scenes tour of your operation, teach a class, or do an interview. The video can also be posted after the fact, giving you even more opportunities to market your business.

Upload an Instagram Story

Instagram Stories is a great place to share snippets that don’t need to become part of your feed, but they would still be interesting to users. It allows you to get a little bit more personal, which today’s consumers really appreciate.

The best way to take advantage of Instagram Stories is to get interactive. When you take a poll or ask users a question with ways for them to respond directly in your Stories, you invite users to participate with your brand. Not to mention, when you ask the right questions, you can gather some great information that can be used to make your business better!

Hire a Marketing Crew

Marketing your business can be fun and rewarding. It can also be time consuming to come up with creative strategies, and then execute those strategies.

One of the best things you can do to ring in the New Year is to hire a marketing crew to help.

Let Sierra Productions provide you with that help!

We want to you to achieve your marketing goals, whether they involve coming up with a new social media strategy or finding a new way to market your business online.

Contact Sierra Productions today and we’ll help you ring in the New Year with creative marketing ideas that will help you grow your business in 2023 and beyond!


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