Out of Home Advertising Still Works: When and How to Use It

Out of Home Advertising Still Works: When and How to Use It

Once upon a time, out of home (OOH) advertising was one of the only ways to advertise. With no computers or digital devices, the only way you could let customers know that your products or services existed was to hang billboards and hand out flyers.

Today, we live in an increasingly connected worldwide community. It’s easy to believe that OOH advertising is slowly becoming obsolete as digital advertising takes over the world.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

Out of home advertising still works, and it’s still a good option for your business.

Why Bother With Out of Home Advertising?

Don’t just take our word for it. Some impressive statistics are associated with OOH advertising:

It’s also worth noting that urban populations are projected to rise by 68 percent across the world by 2050, which means a larger audience to captivate with your marketing message while they’re out of the house.

If you advertise near roadways, you can use congestion to your advantage. For example, Boston residents lose an average of 149 hours every year to congestion. You can bet they’re looking at roadside advertisements while they wait for traffic to inch along!

In addition, many companies like to use OOH advertising because it’s simpler than online advertising. You don’t have to worry about users who have adblockers, which are common online.

It’s easier to stand out with physical advertising too. With digital advertising, you’re just one small add among others on a web page.

Out of Home Advertising is More Than Just Billboards

Ready to get out there and display your advertisement on a billboard? Not so fast! Out of home advertising is more than just printed billboards.

Here are all of the advertising options that are available to your business.

Print and Digital Billboards

Print billboards are still a great option, especially for local businesses. Once installed, they can be viewed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week until the advertisement is taken down.

Make sure your billboard stands out, and if you’re including text, make sure it’s clear and large enough to read from a long distance. Simple maps, and even arrows, can be effective on billboards, as they can show customers exactly where to go to find you.

Print billboards aren’t your only option in the 21st century. Digital billboards are bold and bright, making them extremely difficult to ignore. You can include movement and special effects in your advertisements, and they can be changed quickly if you want to update the design or change the information that’s displayed.


Transit advertisements can be posted anywhere people are traveling, or on any vehicle they’re traveling in. You can advertise on or in:

  • Airports
  • Buses
  • Rail and subway stations
  • Taxis
  • Trucks
  • Mobile billboards

Transit advertisements are popular in rural areas where population densities are high, but they can be equally as effective in smaller cities. Less populated areas have fewer advertisements, which means your advert won’t be competing with so many others.

The cost of an OOH advertisement is also significantly lower in small cities and towns. If you want to advertise in a large city, consider print advertisements instead of digital. For example, a print ad in a subway station will cost less than a digital billboard ad.

You don’t always have to pay someone else to display your ad. If you or your employees drive company vehicles, consider a vehicle wrap or decal that you can place on your cars. It’s a great way to advertise on the go!

Not sure where to start with your design? Take a page from the playbook of viral bus shelter ads and see if you can come up with a clever advertisement that passersby can’t help but stare at.

Street furniture

Street furniture is an often overlooked way to advertise your business. Aside from bus shelters, many advertisers don’t realize the many options they have at their disposal, like:

  • Benches
  • Newsracks
  • Newstands
  • Kiosks
  • Garbage cans
  • ATM machines
  • Bike racks
  • Food carts

Street furniture advertising is a more personal way to connect with customers, as compared to other OOH methods. You’re reaching people as they sit and wait for a bus, grab a bite to eat, or withdraw their money from an ATM, which automatically creates a personal connection that people will pay attention to, even if it’s subconscious.

Tips for Making OOH Advertisements Work for You

A lot of time and effort goes into the most successful OOH ads. You only have a few seconds to make an impression and communicate your brand, so you have to make it count!

First, make sure your goal for the advertisement is crystal clear, as it will determine the direction you take when designing the ad. A few goals to choose from include:

  • Create awareness of your brand
  • Get viewers to take action
  • Educate ad viewers
  • Advertise a product or service
  • Reach a new demographic or area

Make sure you test your ad! If you’re planning a billboard ad, try shrinking the image to just one inch tall on your computer screen. Is the message still clear?

No matter what kind of ad you’re creating, it’s always a good idea to get input from others. Can they tell you what the ad is about? Do they know how to find out more after reading the ad? Do they find the ad interesting or eye-catching?

Place Your OOH Ad With Sierra Productions

Color, composition, and text are important to out of home advertising, but getting the details right can be difficult.

Designing an OOH ad is often best left to experts who know what kinds of visual ads work, and what kinds don’t. A professional can also help you determine what type of ad is appropriate and where it will be best received by your audience, depending on the goals you have for your business. At Sierra Productions, we’re a data-driven agency, which means our strategies are based on proven results. Allow us to eliminate the guess-work out of creating an OOH advertisement that will work for your business.

Contact us today and we’ll create an advertising strategy for your business that really works!


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