A Look into 2023’s Super Bowl Commercials

A Look into 2023’s Super Bowl Commercials

Millions of people look forward to the Super Bowl each year. Arguably, fans of the two teams who are going head-to-head are the most excited, as are the lucky spectators who get to be there in-person for the big game.

But you don’t have to be a big fan of either of the teams that are playing, or of football as a sport, for that matter. Many of us don’t tune in to the Super Bowl for the game at all.

We’re there for the ads.

The Super Bowl does ads like no other program on television. They air ads that make us laugh. Ads that make us cry. Ads that left us feeling a little confused, but we have never forgotten them, even though we desperately want to (we’re talking about you, Puppy Monkey Baby).

Super Bowl ads get talked about at work Monday morning, and they leave a mark on cultural history. Who didn’t continue to say, “Whassup?” for years after Budweiser’s famous commercial in 1999. It was even referenced in 2000’s Scary Movie.

How much money does having that kind of impact cost? And how can you increase your ad impact, even if you don’t have a million-dollar budget?

First, let’s start with the cost of a Super Bowl ad in 2023.

How Much a Super Bowl Ad Cost in 2023

Super Bowl ads don’t come cheap. In 2023, a 30-second spot cost $7 million.

That’s up from $6.5 million in 2022. In fact, prices have continued to go up each and every year, so you can bet that it will be even more expensive next year.

Keep in mind that the cost is just for the timeslot on television. Companies spend millions more creating and editing epic ads that are worthy of a Super Bowl airing. Brands without a deep relationship with the network airing the game may pay even more. Not to mention, some companies spend more money to get more than 30 seconds on the air.

Why Does It Cost So Much?

It makes sense that Super Bowl ads cost a lot when Super Bowl LVII raked in over 113 million viewers.

But why does it cost that much? Seven million dollars is a lot of money.

Networks selling ad spots aren’t entirely to blame. There are a lot of brands out there that are willing to pay big bucks to air their commercial during the Super Bowl. The more they are willing to pay, the more broadcasters will charge.

It also begs the question, why are brands willing to pay that much? Only brands with a lot of visibility have the money to spend on a Super Bowl ad, which means we are already familiar with most of the brands that are advertising.

The answer is that they want to be relevant to our everyday lives. The Super Bowl offers an unbelievable opportunity for brand building and awareness. When we talk about their commercials during and after the Super Bowl, they remain relevant, and we’re all more likely to act on what’s at the top of our minds. That means we might just swing by and pick up a six pack of Budweiser on the way home.

Not to mention, the Super Bowl is the one time when viewers actually want to watch the ads instead of avoiding them, giving their message an even greater impact.

What Makes Super Bowl Ads Different?

Super Bowl ads hit different. But what makes them so different than regular, everyday ads?

Ads that are specifically designed to air during the Super Bowl are meticulously planned and executed to make us feel good. Whether it means laughing at a funny ad or shedding a tear of joy, they play to our emotions more than other ads.

They also tell a story. Super Bowl ads are like mini movies with a beginning, middle, and end. We care about the characters. The story ends with a twist. They pack a cinematic punch into just a few seconds, which is something that isn’t common with other ads.

In 2023, advertisers also teamed up to get more bang for their buck. We saw Ant Man enjoy an alcohol-free Heineken, while Will Farrell drove through the scenes of popular Netflix shows in an electric vehicle. You don’t see famous pairings like that during the five o’clock news.

Tips to Give Your Ads Super Bowl Energy

Most of us will never be able to buy a Super Bowl ad, but that doesn’t mean we can’t use Super Bowl ads to inspire us to create elite-level advertising that allow us to build our brands.

The one thing every single Super Bowl ad has in common is the fact that they are all videos. That’s because video marketing really is the most engaging form of advertisement. Whether you do it on TV, on streaming, or on the internet, you can get the most bang for your buck when you create video advertisements.

Don’t just tell your audience about your business. Create an ad that makes them feel by playing into their emotions. Share an inspiring story, empower them through your message, or create a meaningful movement that your audience is inspired to join.

Finally, get into a cooperative mindset and partner with others to create ads. Work with influencers and other industries if you think it would be mutually beneficial for you to reach each other’s audience, but don’t discount working with others in your industry too. Not only can the spirit of collaboration bring a bigger ad budget and a larger reach, developing a collaborative mindset can impact your business in many positive ways.

You don’t have to have a multi-million-dollar budget in order to create impactful ads. You may not reach 100 million people with a single advertisement, but with the right ad campaign, you can reach your people and greatly impact your business.

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